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Applications of Dry Ice

From food transportation, through amazing culinary creations or attractive beverages, to live performance special effects, dry ice offers a whole world of possibilities where you set the limits

How can I take advantage of its properties?

The excellent properties of dry ice make it an attractive resource for virtually all industrial sectors: its cooling effect makes it ideal for any industrial process requiring effective refrigeration; the sublimation effect can be used to create a spectacular low fog in live performances or in the presentation of all kinds of culinary creations; its antibacterial properties make it the ideal companion in refrigerated or frozen food transportation; and the inertization it produces in the surrounding atmosphere plays a key role in grape harvesting.


What are its most common applications?

1. Food

  • Food transportation / catering
  • Preservation of raw materials
  • Field refrigeration/inertization of grapes
  • Mass refrigeration

2. Hotel and Catering

  • Dish presentation
  • Cocktail preparation
  • Ice cream creations

3. Performances

  • Low fog generation

4. Pharmaceutical

  • Reagent preservation
  • Sample transportation
  • Microtomy, lyophilization

5. Chemistry

  • Rapid cooling of plants and reactors
  • Laboratory tests

6. Metallurgy

  • Sub-zero treatments
  • Part cutting
  • Cryogenic cleaning

7. Rubber and plastics

  • Cryogenic deburring
  • Cryo-grinding
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